S T E L L A   A R T O I S

Lovers of the light. It's what we are by nature. We light up our way, follow flashes and name stars. Even ourselves, we strive to be brighter.

Light is one of our most precious assets, our most faithful companion in the journey of our lives. And despite it all, we are not always able to see it, or sometimes we just need someone to remind us of its presence, someone to gift us one of the stellas in the firmament.

Special people deserve special presents that transcend the purely material and evoke indescribable feelings, that produce a surrounding atmosphere and turn any moment in an unforgettable memory. This project is a packaging proposal to create that emotional link between Stella Artois and those special people.

Light, ethereal, wonderful, magical; wrapped in an envelope as a substitute for love letters, thank you notes, regards and Christmas greetings, four wrapped stars waiting to be witnesses of priceless moments and stories to be lived in company of our most loved ones.