K L E U R   W O L K

with Celia T. Alamán

Our challenge was to make a reinterpretation of an existing product, but how would we redesign such complete works? We realized that we could only complement the designs, collaborate with them and give them a new meaning, reinventing their concept.


We felt sympathy for the MVS Chaise, with its angular shapes and that feeling of floating in the air. Air? That would be our keyword. We start from this concept as inspiration, and we begin to investigate. We immerse ourselves in the cultures that most honored this concept, how nature affected in the day to day, and how their colors mark every minute of our lives. Thus we find the Himba, an African tribe that conditions their social status to their hairstyles and the color of their skin, painting it every morning in one of the most important rituals of their routine. They live by and for nature, all their activities revolve around the sky, the clouds, and the sun.

And everyday, at dusk, they perform a dance in honor of the sky and its colors; continuous and changing, offering an infinite variety of shades. They play different rhythms with bongos, trumpets and drums depending on the color of each moment of the day.

We took those colors and joined them in a varied palette of shades that would complement the MVS, endowing it with the joy and elegance of the sunset, and the softness of the clouds. Each pattern of the collection is taken from the braiding of its hair, which is reflected in our project, simplified in geometric forms.